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Browser Wars

Posted by jhgenius on 14 May 2013 10:57am

More and more people are using a wider range of web browsers to browse the web across more devices than ever. It wasn't so long ago that PC web browsing dominated the market. One browser had a monopoly for many years, monopolising the software by including it as default in the highly successful Windows. That browser was Internet Explorer. After the fall of Netscape, Internet Explorer reached peak market share in the early 2000s, which over 90% of users using the browser.

In 2004, Mozilla Firefox (originally associated with Netscape), was created. In the next few years, it became regarded as the alternative browser to those seeking to turn away from Internet Explorer. Firefox rose to well over 30% market share, but it's rise was slowed by the launch and development of Google's own browser, Google Chrome in 2008. Sources vary, but Google Chrome as of 2013 has matched and even surpassed the market share of Firefox to become the second most widely used desktop browser.

Welcome to the blog!

Posted by jhgenius on 12 May 2013 3:24pm

Welcome to the jhdesign blog! In the blog I will be posting about many different topics of interest that relate to current and past developments. I hope to bring a breadth to the content that this website brings by opening this blog.

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